The Different Lotteries in Ireland

The lottery of Ireland was established in 1987. The biggest prize was in 2007 for more than sixteen million Euros. The lottery of the Ireland started primarily with instant cards. Then more games were included like national bingo and lastly the lottery where millions are at stake, the Euro Millions. The Euro Millions are also held in other countries. The difference in the Irish lottery is that prizes are given free of tax charges and winners should get them within ninety days. There are many variations to the lottery offered in Ireland. These are the following:

1.Irish Lotto – This is an exciting game popularly played Ireland. The players need to pick numbers six all in all. They can choose any number from one up to forty five. People often choose the numbers for them are lucky. They choose dates special to them like a birthday or an anniversary. Players can also opt to get a “quick pick”. A quick pick is having the machine choose random numbers for you.

2.Instant Winnings- There is also a form of lottery in Ireland where players know instantly if they had won or not. This game comes in a form or a scratch card. You will buy the ticket and you should scratch it to reveal the possible prize. There are many kinds of instant cards. They are Bingo, Crossword, Fame and Fortune and Winning Streak. This is also an exciting game because you know your winnings in an instant.

3.The EuroMillions – The country also offers the Euro Millions. It is a form of lottery also played in other European nations like Belgium, France, Spain, Austria ,United Kingdom, Portugal and Switzerland. Each card costs two Euros. Players need to have five number choosing from number one up to fifty. They also choose two numbers that serve as lucky stars. Players can opt for the quick pick and the machine will randomly pick the numbers on behalf of the player. When your ticket matches all of the numbers which totals to seven you win the prize. Most prizes begin with ten million Euros which grow bigger as the draw nears.

For more information the government managing the national lotteries in Ireland has a website where the process in buying lottery tickets is explained. The tickets can also be bought online. People don’t really have to leave their home anymore to participate in the draws. There are also several websites offering the latest news for the lotteries. There are some websites that even offer a number generator to assist people in picking out their numbers. Playing lottery in Ireland has never been much easier and exciting.